“I am blown away by the effort you put into this. Your skill as a reviewer and coach has really progressed. You always catch little things that will improve the piece. What a happy lot for me that you work so hard on my efforts. Any writer will benefit from your skills.”

– Jim Blackwood, Jr.

“Hannah is an intuitive leader. Her workshops are sanctuaries where honest writing can flow and her prompts are lively and inspiring.”

– Claire Chafee

“Thanks Hannah, for the poem and for the wonderful experience on Saturday. For me it was an experiment, and I’m happy to say a delightful one. Being in the space you offered and held for us gave me insights about the craft of writing and the craft of communication. Thanks again for including me.”

– Tim Campbell

“Hannah creates a welcoming and safe writing space. Writers in her workshops can experiment, be vulnerable and play with language. Hannah’s encouraging feedback is specific and practical, guiding each writer through their own writing and creative goals. I look forward to her workshops.”

– Jennifer Springsteen

“Passionate about writing, Hannah creates a safe place where participants can explore the power of generative writing. She listens; she notices; she guides as writers make their own maps of the stories they’re ready to tell.”

– Melissa Madenski

“I wholeheartedly recommend Hannah Kuhn’s writing workshops. Her writing prowess, attentive ear, and insightful feedback, backed by a Master’s in Teaching Writing, make her a superb mentor. Whatever your level of experience is, Hannah’s gentle yet highly effective approach will undoubtedly enhance your writing skills.”

– Alida Thacher

“My experience writing with Hannah’s guidance helped renew my desire to write. She creates a safe, fun, and encouraging environment where I felt comfortable sharing my work, being vulnerable, and delving into quirky creative realms. It also facilitated learning as I listened to feedback and developed listening skills founded in the Amherst writing method. I look forward to writing more in Hannah’s workshops.”

– Barb Grover