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writing together.

Join a Workshop

Unlock your writing potential and join our upcoming writing workshops! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your writing skills and connect with a community of passionate writers. Let your creativity flow and take the first step towards becoming a better writer.

Saturday Writes

Generate new writing in response to creative prompts during this 2-hour workshop. All levels are welcome.

Your Poetic Voice

Longing to write poetry that sparkles? We will write, read, and listen deeply.

Introduction to Craft Magic

Ready to learn some insider tricks and tools of writing? Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit.

I believe everyone can write, and many of us write best in the company of others.
Wild Fern Writers offers a safe space for courageous writing.

“I would love to take a class from Hannah! Passionate about writing, she creates a safe place where participants can explore the power of generative writing. She listens; she notices; she guides as writers make their own maps of the stories they’re ready to tell.”

Melissa Madenski

“Hannah was my first reader for a published memoir, an essay collection, and many short stories. Her close reading and supportive comments sharpened my writing. Hannah’s passion for the author’s vision means that her editing is not invasive, and the finished work is better for the reader. I always look forward to putting my early drafts in her hands.”

Jim Blackwood,Jr.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Hannah Kuhn’s writing workshops. Her writing prowess, attentive ear, and insightful feedback, backed by a Master’s in Teaching Writing, make her a superb mentor. Whatever your level of experience is, Hannah’s gentle yet highly effective approach will undoubtedly enhance your writing skills.”

Alida Thacher

“Hannah creates a welcoming and safe writing space. Writers in her workshops can experiment, be vulnerable and play with language. Hannah’s encouraging feedback is specific and practical, guiding each writer through their own writing and creative goals. I look forward to her workshops.”

Jennifer Springsteen